According to our research, instances of Bendwell can be found around the world!


Here's how the Bendwells found themselves in the follow countries :

United States

There are traces of the name Bendwell in :

  • Alabama
  • Minnesota
  • Texas
  • Los Angeles

Special welcome to the Bendwells in Watertown, Ny (ancestry of Laurence Bendwell)


The Bendwells make their way to Canada when James Bendwell moves to New-Richmond in 1838 to work as a master carpenter for William Cuthbert & Co

This commercial line, operating between New-Richmond and Greenock (Scotland), operates until the year 1853. With the help of experienced carpenters from Greenock, the shipyard in New-Richmond becomes the biggest of its kind in east Canada, building more than 14 big ocean-going vessels.


More about James Bendwell

  • Born in 1796 in Scotland, James married Sarah Mckeown (in 1821), an Irish woman born in 1799
  • Together, they had five children: Peter (Scotland, 1822), Nancy (Scotland, 1826), Henry (Scotland, 1827), Felix (unknown) and Samuel (unknown)
  • As mentioned before, James established himself in New-Richmond as a supervisor and carpenter for the Cuthbert shipyard
  • After William Cuthbert's death in 1854, James developed his own wood manufacturing company in Canada
  • The industry sold cedar in Scotland and England as well due to the high demands
  • Sarah supported James in the buisness by being a book keeper and support manager
We are looking for more information about our origins!

We would like to know more about James Bendwell who was born in 1796 (Scotland) who married Sara Mckeown (born in 1799) in 1815.

We are also wondering if we are related to Joseph Bendwell (1723, in the Norfolk county),  Samuel Bendwell (1716, in London) and William Bendwell (1760, Surrey county).

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