• Bendwell, suburb of Newcastle, England
  • The fort was built on a strategic hill top
  • It was a cavalry fort with three gates to the North of the wall
  • Built by soldiers in 122 A.D. from the second Augustan Legion
  • Cavalry was stationed in the fort from 205 AD to 367 AD 
  • The fort was garrisoned by the famous Cohors | Vangionm Millaria Equitata, a mounted unit from upper Germany
  • The cavalry unit Ala 1 Hispanorum Asturum from Spain was stationed at the Bendwell fort 
  • The origin of the surname behind the wall now begins...


  • Bendwell comes from Anglo-Saxon origin in Northumberland, recorded as Bynnewall in the year 1050 and Bennewell in 1242
  • The name derives from the old English pre 7th century term "bioman" (place inside and wall)
  • These origins resulted in a wide dispersal of names
  • If you turn back the clock less than a century, you will find an example of a spelling change in a last name. Surnames today are spelt the same for simplicity's sake
  • Looking back at history, we find that many people spelled their surnames in different ways 
  • For example, William Shakespeare spelt his last name in numerous fashion : Shakespere, Shakesepeare and Shakspere
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  • Records of the name Bendwell from London : Susa Bendwell (1575), Alice Bendwell (1555) and Walter Bendwell (1543) 
  • The surname in England only became necessary when government introduced the poll tax


  • Coat of arms since the roman was granted addition to the Bendwell of Oxford in 1761 
  • The former blazon being a silver field charged with six moons
We are looking for more information about our origins!

We would like to know more about James Bendwell who was born in 1796 (Scotland) who married Sara Mckeown (born in 1799) in 1815.

We are also wondering if we are related to Joseph Bendwell (1723, in the Norfolk county),  Samuel Bendwell (1716, in London) and William Bendwell (1760, Surrey county).

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